2021 Scholarships

We had another successful year of scholarships thru the Marshfield Foundation. With over 65 scholarship funds, many with multiple scholarships, there are over 110 scholarships (over $150,000) going to high school graduates, nontraditional students, & current college students.

But just how does this whole process come together? It starts with a donor wanting to make an impact in their community. They develop a scholarship fund. Perhaps the donor wants to remember someone they have lost or encourage students to explore a certain degree. They contribute money to the fund and watch it grow. They determine the criteria for the scholarship. Did the student have to have a certain GPA? Do they have to have a specific major in mind? Does the student have to show exceptional merit/character?

The Marshfield Foundation staff work with Marshfield Area Schools to encourage students to apply with our online scholarship program. We go to the schools to meet with students in person and assist with the application process.

Next…we work with the scholarship committees to ensure they are making recipient selections based on the scholarship criteria.

Scholarship recipients are notified and then we work with them to get the scholarship money to their college/tech school. The best part of this process is receiving the thank you notes from students. Their words are thoughtful, appreciative, and genuine. They see the impact a donor made when they had this idea to start a scholarship fund.

Thank you to the donors who established the scholarship funds, the students who take the time to apply, the school staff who work closely with us to make sure every eligible student is aware of our scholarships, & the committees who work tirelessly to make selections. It’s a community effort!

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