Our Board & Staff

Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Inc. is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of up to 16 community members who serve without reimbursement. Some of the board members are appointed by or are selected from other organizations while the rest are at-large members.

The Board currently consists of the following fabulous people!

Justin Casperson, President

Dr. Ryan Christianson, Vice-President

Dr. Brian Parker, Past-President
Parker, Brian J MD, Vice President

Lori Gropp,Treasurer,Budget & Finance Chair

Carolyn Schulein, Grants Chair

Lori Belongia, Secretary

Ben Bauer, PR Chair

Terry Frankland, at-large
Terry Frankland, President

Chris Damerell, at-large

Tony Iniguez, at-large





Danny Halan, at-large

Collin Ritzinger, advisor

Jim Bartelt, advisor

Community Committee Members

Ashley Winch, Grants & Scholarships

Bill Heiting, Budget & Finance

Marty Reinhart, Budget & Finance

Dennis Keffer, PR

Scott Larson, Budget & Finance

Scott Larson

Pam Nikolai, PR

MACFI Employees:

Stacey Schultz, Executive Director

Stacey@marshfield.foundation; 715-384-9029



Ana Jepsen, Program & Scholarship Assistant

Ana@marshfield.foundation; 715-384-9029