2020 Annual Appeal

2020… A year we will certainly remember. Our community is being tested. How do we stay safe and yet stay connected? How do we help others when the needs seem so great? How do we find success despite these challenges? Honestly, because of you, these aren’t hard to find at the Marshfield Area Community Foundation. Success comes from your support of our Forever Fund.

The Foundation used $10,000 from the Forever Fund to partner with United Way and provide COVID-19 grants to organizations directly impacted by the pandemic. With additional community support, over $32,000 has been given so far to area nonprofit organizations that support food insecurity, emergency housing, and childcare. We also developed a much more user-friendly website, donor program, and new domain, www.marshfield.foundation. Your feedback made these happen.

I reflect on thoughtful, heartfelt conversations with many of you this year. I continue to hear your stories and passion on how we can best make an impact for effective and lasting change. The Marshfield area is stronger from efforts and compassion in donors like you.

If you’re able to, in this year of unprecedented challenges, please make a donation to help us achieve our mission which remains connecting people who care with causes that matter to enrich the quality of life in the Marshfield area.

“2020: A Year to Remember” for a special way to add to your giving:
The Foundation wants to remember 2020 in a special way. With each donation ($50 minimum) to the Forever Fund, $20.20 will be given to a fund of your choice at the Foundation. Choose 1 fund from the list:

  • Keep Kids Warm
  • United Way Endowment Fund
  • Wildwood Zoo Capitol Improvement Fund
  • MAPS (Marshfield Area Pet Shelter) Fund
  • Chestnut Center for the Arts Fund
  • Community Grants Fund

Marshfield Area Community Foundation board and staff appreciate your support of our Forever Fund.
Wishing you health, peace, and happiness,

Stacey Schultz, Executive Director