Input from a Community Committee Member

Can we talk about community for a minute? I mean, how often do you think about what it takes to make things happen in Marshfield? Or, do you just trust that things will happen?  What is YOUR responsibility to Marshfield?

My name is Dennis Keffer and I have lived in Marshfield for over 26 years. I am proud to have raised my children here.

I worked for the City most of that time and saw first hand the variety of expectations on how city government should function.  For me, the simplest example of this challenge involves wanting nicer roads but lower taxes at the same time.  What and how are you willing to invest?

I have also witnessed the how non-governmental entities work to serve this community.  I have attended many fundraising events and received notices of other ways we can help these agencies in their work for our community.

There are no shortage of ways that the Marshfield area works to satisfy the needs of the community and no shortage of ways you can be of service to your community.

It is my opinion that we all have a responsibility to do what we can to make our community a better place.  Especially if you want to see improvement and growth.

The Marshfield Area Community Foundation Inc. is a great place to start.  Their mission is “connecting people who care with causes that matter to enrich the quality of life in the Marshfield area”.  They do this by facilitating grants to help people serve the community, scholarships for area students, and the mechanism for donations for larger community improvements (like the recent upgrades to the high school sports facilities and our upgraded community pool).

Take a minute to explore the Foundation’s website to see firsthand some of the opportunities to engage with your community.

Take the vision you have for the future of Marshfield and make it happen!

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