Refugee Families Update

The Marshfield community has truly stepped up for two refugee families arriving in October 2022. Dozens of volunteers have stepped up to assist these families with becoming oriented to their new community.  These dedicated volunteers are working with these families to furnish their home, help with cultural adjustment, transportation, and medical appointments. There are also countless volunteers helping these families learn English and provide tutoring.

As well, The Marshfield Community Foundation started the Refugee Resettlement Fund. Many, many, people have contributed to this fund. Thank you. These generous donations have assisted the volunteers to help with extra costs the families have incurred. Costs such as outdoor safety lighting, household products, and personal care products.

We also can’t forget to thank the numerous community organizations which have assisted these families. Soup or Socks, Hannah House, the W2 program, Goodwill, ECDC, and many others. These programs have helped many of our other community members and continue to step up to make sure every person in our community gets the assistance they need to be safe and prosperous.

Our families have a long road ahead. They are learning a new language. They are entering new schools and new jobs and getting used to our very Wisconsin winters! Thank you to all who have shown these families what a wonderful community they have joined!

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